Sole Propretorship - Shop Act:
Shop is one of the compliance requirements, for starting a Business. The rules and regulations differ from State to State. However the Bombay Shops and Establishment act 1948 is applicable for all cities of Maharashtra and Goa.
Partnerhip Firm:
Partnership firm is a type of firm formed by two or more partners who decide to start a business. Partnership firm is incorporated under the “Indian Partnership Act, 1932”. This type of partnership is easy to form and is prevalent among small businesses.
Limited Liability Partnership:
Limited Liability Partnership is a form of Partnership where the liability of the partners in the firm are limited to only the capital in the business. LLP is governed by the “Limited Liability Partnership Act”. This form of incorporation is gaining popularity due to its Limited Liability feature.
One Person Company:
One person company is more or less like the Sole Proprietorship firm with all the benefits of an LLP. One Person Company comes under the purview of “Companies Act 2013”. This is a revolutionary concept where a single person can form a company and be protected by limited liability undertaking.
Private Limited Company:
Private Limited Company comes under the purview of “Companies Act 2013”. Private Limited Company is one of the most popular form of incorporation in India for all types of businesses from small to large, due to various benefits. The minimum number of members are 2 and the maximum number is 200
NGOs are basically non-profitable organizations with the sole intention of welfare to the society. There are basically 3 ways of incorporating an NGO. They are: (i) through Trust creation (i) through Companies Act 2013, (ii) through Society registration.


We have an association with some of the best Chartered Accountants in the country to help you incorporate your Business with ease. The following are the types of Business Incorporation: 1. Sole Proprietorship - through Shop Act, 2. Partnership firm, 3. Limited Liability Partnership, 4. Private Limited Company, 5. NGO - Non - Profit


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