Online Registered Rent Agreement/Leave and License Agreement – Sections/Clauses

Online Registered Rent Agreement/Leave and License Agreement – Sections/Clauses

Sections/Clauses of Leave and License Agreement/Registered Rent Agreement:

The online facility of making the Leave and License agreement / rent agreement in Pune / Mumbai initiated by the state of Maharashtra (i.e.: has a default template. The entire format of the Leave and License/Registered Rent Agreement is static and cannot be customised and altered much according to the needs of the parties (Lessor and Lessee).  However, all the sections/clauses of the Online Rent Agreement are standard and covers all the areas of Tenancy and Ownership.

Online Registered Rent Agreement Section/Clauses

The editable and non-editable clauses of the Online Registered Rent Agreement available for Pune/Mumbai/Maharashtra are mentioned below:

1. Party details: (editable)
Herein, the names of both the Licensor and the Licensee are mentioned along with the full addresses of their residence. The date from which the agreement commences is also placed here. Also details like the PAN Card number. Aadhar (UID) Number along with age is mentioned.

2. Purpose: (non–editable)
At this section, facts such as the Licensor is issuing a non-transferable limited License to the Licensee to enjoy a few rights applicable with the premises is mentioned and whether the premises is to be used for Domestic or Commercial purpose. (editable)

3. Period: (editable)The Period of the License is the time-period till which this agreement remains valid. Usually the period ranges from 11 months to 22 months to 33 months.

4. Rent and Deposit: (editable)
This section mentions the non-refundable rent amount to be paid by the Tenant as agreed by the parties. The amount is to be paid monthly.

5. Payment of Deposit: (editable)This section states the refundable/non refundable amount agreed to be paid by the Licensee (Tenant) to the Licensor (Owner) as deposit/security amount. Also details of the method of the payment i.e. whether in cash, cheque or draft is also mentioned.

6. Maintenance Charges: (non-editable)Excerpts about the maintenance charges is mentioned in the agreement. This amount has to be paid separately by the Licensor (Owner)
P.S. Maintenance charges along with property taxes doesn’t form part of this agreement and has to be paid separately by the Licensor.

7. Electricity Charges: (non-editable)
The electricity bill is to be paid by the Licensee (tenant) and the receipt of payment needs to be showed to the Licensor.

8. Use and Alteration: (non-editable)
The use and alteration clause restricts the Licensee (tenant) to make changes/alteration in the leased property like modifications to the property without the permission of the Lessor (Owner).

9. No Tenancy: (non-editable)
This is the condition that the Leased property is to be used by the Licensee only for the purpose as mentioned in the agreement. The Licensee cannot further Lease/sublet/mortgage for loans taking the leased premises as collateral.

10. Inspection: (non-editable)
This clause gives the right to the Licensor (Owner) to check the premises of the leased property at regular intervals. However, the Licensor (Owner) needs to serve a notice of a reasonable period to the Licensee (Tenant) before executing such inspection.

11. Cancellation: (non-editable)
Where the Licensee defaults in making regular payments of rent or breaches the terms, covenants and conditions of this agreement, the licensor can revoke this agreement by serving a written notice of 1 month. Similarly, the licensee can leave the premises by serving a written notice to the Licensor.

12. Lock in Period: (non-editable)
This is the period which is predefined by the Licensor and Licensee before execution that this agreement cannot be terminated or cancelled within that stipulated time. Incase if it is terminated/cancelled, then the party (licensor or licensee) initiating this cancellation shall pay compensation for the losses incurred by the other party (licensor or licensee).

13. Possession: (non-editable)
The Lessee is to vacate the premises at the expiration of this agreement. Whereas the Licensee fails to vacate the premises after the expiration of this agreement, the licensee shall be entitled to pay compensation and damages at double the rate per day. Also the licensor shall be entitled to remove the Licensee along with his belongings from the Leased premises without recourse to Court of Law.

14. Registration: (non-editable)
This clause mentions about the distribution of the Government Fees (i.e. the Stamp-duty and registration fee) to be either paid fully by the Owner/Tenant or equally by both.

15. Miscellaneous: (editable)
Incidental charges or other costs or any other additional terms not available in the agreement can be mentioned here.

The above format is used for preparing Online Registered Rent Agreement in Pune/Mumbai/PCMC/Maharashtra. However, if the parties are interested in customizing the agreement and inserting more clauses and section, they are most welcome to apply for the manual process of submitting a written draft of the Rent Agreement to the Sub-Registrar Office, by presenting themselves physically and give their photos and finger scans at the Government itself.

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Sections/Clauses of Leave and License Agreement/Registered Rent Agreement
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Sections/Clauses of Leave and License Agreement/Registered Rent Agreement
The different sections of an Online Leave and License Agreement or Online registered rent agreement in Pune and Mumbai
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