Pros and cons or benefits, advantages and disadvantages of Online Registered Rent Agreement or Online Leave and License Agreement

What are the Pros and cons or benefits, advantages and disadvantages of Online Registered Rent Agreement or Online Leave and License Agreement?

online rent agreeement - advantages and disadvantages

There are various pros and cons or benefits, advantages and disadvantages of Online Registered Rent Agreement or Online Leave and License Agreement..

Benefits or Advantages of online rent agreement, rent agreement online:

Avoid Sub-registration office visit: With the advent of the online facility in making your registered rent agreement, the parties need not visit the sub-registration office for registering the online Leave and License Agreement. The entire process can be completed at the comfort of one’s home or any place of convenience.

Economical: As most of the task is done online, this facility has less human involvement, For e.g. there is no requirement for scanning of documents for uploading the agreement data on the Govt server. This makes the process more economical. Also a lot of incidental charges are avoided in case of making the agreement Online.

Easy and Hassle free: There is no requirement to stand in a queue, go to the sub-registration office and wait for one’s turn to register the agreement. The only task to be done is to obtain the biometric fingerprint scans and the photos and verify the identity online through the UID data already existing. All these can be done anywhere at party’s convenience and availability. The entire process after data entry can be completed in 10-15 min easily.

Soft Copies: Since there are only soft copies in a registered rent agreement, there is no requirement for physical delivery of the copies. The soft copies of the agreement can be easily received through email. And can be downloaded, in the system and then taken a print-out to be used as a hard copy.

Professional Vendors: Such task can be easily performed by various professional vendors/lawyers who will undertake the task and provide home service, like visiting the homes of the parties to take the biometric scans and photos.

The following are the cons and disadvantages of online rent agreement:

Maintenance: At times the Government site goes under maintenance. All this happens without prior intimation. And any previous data uploaded or updated is erased permanently. So the process of data entry, scanning and photo has to be completed again, Maintenance work happens quite often, Once in every 3-4 months.

Server down: The entire process of making online rent agreement is dependent upon the UID server for verification of identity of the parties. At times, the server goes down. It happens quite frequently about once or twice in a month. The “server down” issue may stretch for a period of about 2-3 hours minimum to 1-3 days maximum.

Approval: Few times, the agreement may take time to be approved by the Government. This may happen due to a lot of reasons like: (i) Piling up of more documents and accidental skipping, (ii) Common natural mistakes, (iii) Genuine error like not correct fees paid, and query raised by the registration officer. (iv) Name of the party and fees receipt (Challan) having different names (v) Mismatch of the address on the receipt (Challan) to the one in the agreement, etc etc.. However, the disadvantages here mentioned in Pt 3, can also happen in the offline process. But, in the offline process results are immediately obtained in the first step and can be rectified immediately to get the agreement registered.

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