Stamp Duty and Backdating of Leave and License/Rent Agreement

Leave and License/Rent Agreement in Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra – Dated back


Stamp duty & Backdating of Rent Agreement

Q1. Can a Leave and License Agreement/Rent Agreement in Pune/Mumbai/Maharashtra be backdated?

Ans: No, Agreement is allowed to be executed only after the payment of the Government fee (i.e the Stamp Duty) or on a day prior to the payment of Stamp duty. This is as per “sec 17, of the Maharashtra Stamp Act”.

Q2. When should be the date of Execution be appropriately inserted in the Leave and License Agreement/Rent Agreement?

Ans: As per “sec 17, of the Maharashtra Stamp Act” The execution date of the Leave and License agreement in Pune/Mumbai/Maharashtra should either be a day before the date of Stamp Duty Purchase or any date after the purchase, provided the period after purchase doesn’t exceed 6 months.

Backdating of Rent Agreement


Q3. How long does the stamp duty remains valid?

Ans: The validity of the stamp duty is 6 months from the date of purchase.

Q4. How to calculate the stamp duty in the city of Pune/Mumbai/Maharashtra?

Ans: The stamp duty is calculated based on various parameters like the Rent, Tenure, Security Deposit. The formula is updated and approved by the Government on a regular basis.
For more details, CLICK HERE : COST Calculator to calculate the total fee for making your Leave and License Agreement


Currently for Online Procedure of Making Rent Agreement can be Backdated for a Period of no more than Four Months (4 months).



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